Well, at the end of 2017, through much prayer and counseling, I found out that I was literally scared of success, scared of failure, scared of criticism, heck--scared of anything that would make me grow and reach more people.  

I learned that I was self-sabotaging everything in my life to stay small. My subconscious fears were keeping me stuck and I had no idea it was happening.

I also learned that with action and consistency, I could defeat my fears and attain all my goals. So, I created a system to become consistent--and I call that system Consistency Coaching.

I now coach my Consistency Systems in all of our challenges and programs so you too can become consistent and finally reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

I fight self-sabotage every day and I want to teach you how to do the same so you can finally get to your AFTER!  

But, if you are ready to reach your AFTER, you have to get unstuck first. 

Let's do it, together!

Dre, The Exercise Habit Coach