Can You Relate To This?

It's like you know you are better than how you are showing up in your life, but you can't seem to get your thoughts in alignment with your actions.  

You want more for your life, but you don't know where to start.  

You are sick of failing and being inconsistent. 

You are over re-starting again and again and again...

You feel stuck. Feeling stuck sucks!  

I get it. I did too. For years.  

So, if this resonates with you, get started on the JOURNEY TO YOUR AFTER by signing up for our Journey To Your After Launch System!

Right now. It's your time to get UNSTUCK!



Figure out what you no longer want for your life and learn how to STOP doing it.

Figure out what you do want for your life and learn how to START doing that instead.

Get started in our Journey To Your After Launch System and GO-GO-GO! You will finally get to your AFTER!


We teach you how to make exercise a lifestyle. We also teach you how to become consistent with your nutrition habits so you finally stop the excuses and attain your goals. 

Your mind makes all your decisions. Right now, your mind controls you. We teach you how to control your mind and take charge of your thoughts and actions. When you learn this skill, your life will change forever. 

Get the tools you need to slay the hell out of self sabotage every day so you can realize your goals and dreams and get unstuck for good! Learn to get consistent and you will always be successful!

Message From Dre

Hey There!  

I'm Dre Nichols-Everett and I am The Exercise Habit Coach.  


I have owned a fitness boutique, D3 Boot Camp, in Chicago since 2007 and I love changing lives and helping my members get stronger, healthier, and happier.  

But for awhile, I lost me way and felt utterly helpless and hopeless.  

You see, around 2016, I noticed a shift inside of me. I noticed that I was really just not feeling myself. I noticed that I was stagnant and I had no idea why or how to regain my momentum again.  

The most difficult part for me was I had so many ideas that could help people live healthier lives, but I could never seem to implement them. I would literally procrastinate and rationalize all my ideas away because I just could not move on them.  

I was stuck!  

Well, at the end of 2017, through much prayer and counseling, I found out that I was literally scared of success, scared of failure, scared of criticism, hell--scared of anything that would make me grow and reach more people.  

I learned that I was self sabotaging everything in my life to stay small. My subconscious fears were keeping me stuck and I had no idea it was happening.  

When I learned that self sabotage was why I felt stuck, sad, and out of control, I read and learned everything I could about the subconscious mind so I could teach others how to get unstuck.  

I now fight self sabotage every day, and I want to teach you how to kick it's ass daily, so you can truly start to live the life that was meant for you. I call it, your "unlived" life. The life you know, deep inside is there, screaming to be unleashed.  

If you want to reach your AFTER, you have to get unstuck. 

Let's do it, together!

Dre, The Exercise Habit Coach  



Once I learned how to listen to my self talk, I was able to change my body. I am still a work in progress but I am no longer stuck and that is better than money! Dre is tough but fair and she will get you to your goals! 


When I first met Dre, I was definitely feeling stuck. But I decided to do the work and focus on me. I went from the largest I ever was in my life, to becoming a Fitness Trainer. If I can change, you can change too!